Posted by: The Critic of Filipino Idiocy | 12 November 2006

British Accent is a non-entity

I’ve just added a couple of new pages (not posts) to the blog. The first one is a link exchange page where I wrote how we can help each other rule teh intarwebs by adding reciprocal links to our own blogs. It’s not as good as eXlinks (yeah, like anyone knows how good it is at this point) but it’s still a bit of that good ol’ networking. EDIT: Thanks to Jeff for reintroducing me to the concept of reciprocal linking. Apparently, it kind of works. The second page I recently added is a contact form if you want to get privy and you believe that the comments section is a tad too public and therefore, embarassing to use to tell me what you have in mind. You can’t be shy now, can you?

I’ve also been receiving mixed reactions regarding my previous podcast, but overall it’s good. Some people (including me) think the American accent made me sound like an animatedly hyperactive DJ (disc jockey) of sorts. Someone said he’d rather listen to my English accent as it was much more appealing.

Wrote on November 11, 2006 @ 1:47 pm · Edit
Personally, I prefer your English accent. Somehow, it’s a more appealing sound (and I’m an American).

See, and I knew that. Americans love the English accent (Proof? Ask Google). So, in the following podcasts, I won’t be putting on an American accent anymore. I don’t think I care about what haters are saying, after all.

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Posted by: The Critic of Filipino Idiocy | 8 November 2006

Pinoy Stupid Show Episode 1 and Postcard Exchange

EDIT: Normally, I don’t sound so animated. must have done something to my intonation. Or something.


microphone-thumb.JPGIt’s the very first true episode of the Pinoy Stupid Show! And it’s as meaningless as the Test Podcast and that Quick Note. Anyway, just listen to it. You might pick up a few things you’ll treasure the rest of your life. Or not. Notice my American accent? It’s a temporary fix to all the ruckus I’ve been causing. If you still hate it, I suggest you just FOAD. (By you, I mean those babboons who thought my English accent is fake. And horrible.)

I got a really nice postcard in the mail today. It was from Kristy of Something So Beautiful. Look.


Thanks, Kristy! You’re the best!

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Posted by: The Critic of Filipino Idiocy | 7 November 2006

I don’t hate all Filipinos.

And that’s not a secret at all. Besides, I don’t hate some of them just because they’re Filipinos. It’s more of what comes with their passport color and with their exposure to such a peculiar and fundamentally wrong culture (blame the Westerners and the Japs, I don’t care), more than anything else, that I hate about them. But I’ve earlier made my statement. I don’t hate all Filipinos. In fact, I love some of them. Gary Tarugo told us about this one Filipino girl in the US (maybe that last bit tells you and me something about why I don’t hate her) and I instantly fell in love with her. Maybe you should, too. She called it Love At First Sight. I wanna call it that as well. Now, to understand what I’m talking about, see this:

You’re loving her, aren’t you? Well, whatever you do, don’t go looking for her on or whatever online personals website. I’ve already tried. You won’t find her.

Posted by: The Critic of Filipino Idiocy | 5 November 2006

Pacquiao. Champion of the monkeys.

Manny Pacquiao. Have you people ever heard of him? I have. And certainly, I have had way too much. I’ve been sick of his eternal media omnipresence since ever and I don’t even know why he’s that popular. He’s not Paris Hilton. He’s not a rockstar (and please, rockstars don’t deserve all the attention they’re getting either). Maybe that’s because he’s a boxing champ.


Should a boxing champ be popular?

I don’t think so. At least, not as popular as he is. Since his last triumph against some foreign boxer, he’s been endorsing different products here and there, from fastfood by the Golden Arches to ice cream to instant karaoke microphones. Does he deserve any of that? No. He’s not good looking. He’s not model-material. Heck, he’s not even buff. He’s an ectomorph for sobbing out loud. So, show me the justice in this:

Pacquiao is July 2006 Men’s Health cover. Strangle me. Photo courtesy of Summit Media.

Seeing this, I wouldn’t be surprised if, in the very immediate future, everyone starts calling him International Jock or whatever.

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Posted by: The Critic of Filipino Idiocy | 3 November 2006

The Hoagies. I want the turkey!

Bloghopping and coming across Pointless Drivel, I learned about a uniquely absurd blog awards thing called the Hoagies. Different from most others which only feature a teensy little banner for your website saying you’re a nominee or a winner of the award in the Most Colorful Template category, this baby boasts of some real prizes! So what are the Hoagies?

The Hoagies are weblog awards for amateur bloggers. Nope, it’s not the Pulitzer or the Nobel Prize, but if you win in any one of the six (might I say fun) categories you get to keep candy, a dollar bill, and a faux gold turkey trophy with inscriptions. I could live without the dollar bill or the candy, but the turkey trophy is too pretty for me or for any of you to let go of the opportunity of winning it. Ready? Here it is.

Isn’t it cute? Don’t you want it so bad?

You can let more people know about it for nominations and elections by blogging about it. Or digging it. Or whatever. Click here for the Official Announcement.

Posted by: The Critic of Filipino Idiocy | 31 October 2006

Happy Halloween from the Third World!

Graveyard picnics and family reunions on 1 November. Photo courtesy of has more.

HERE IN THE PHILIPPINES, 31 October doesn’t mean lootbags, candy, scary costumes and trick-or-treating. It means a war-for-oil-worthy preparation for the equally agonizing bloodbath the following day. 1 November. All Saints’ Day. Yet they call it here as, from a very rough translation of the Filipinos’ Araw ng mga Patay, the day of dead. They go to memorial parks, clean up their departed loved ones’ tombs, and light up some candles and offer flowers. By they, I mean millions of them. Memorial parks on this very day are so crowded with not-entirely-odor-free relatives and visitors that traffic has to be majorly rerouted, probably for people who have no business with memorial parks and no intentions of having picnics in graveyards to save themselves from all the ruckus. And probably all the stench, too.

It is a smelly and potentially chaotic (oh well, so much for understatements) affair. Having established in previous posts (on this blog and others, too) that most Filipinos are uncivilized, undisciplined barbarians bastards, something is bound to go wrong. And most of the time, more than just something goes wrong. That’s why the police are deployed on this day at all memorial parks. According to the news, this year, they are deploying 15,000 police officers from today until 2 November. I wish they would deploy the Hilter guys instead. So they could shoot people’s heads off at the slightest hint of a commotion. Or a stupid deed. These millions are going to lessen to a mere thousands if that would be the case.

Point to make: This occasion is fine. But it doesn’t have to be done in a collective (and therefore hysterical) manner. The people are given a year to do this and they all choose to do it on the same day. It’s just following tradition, yes, but it is illogical. It’s a waste of energy and resources and the budget for police deployment can be used for better things, like public education (oh they sooo badly need it) or whatever.

The existence of and the logic behind traditions are almost never questioned. I guess this says that much about how average Filipino brain works. ALWAYS DO AS THEY SAY. WHAT DO WE STAND TO LOSE IF WE FOLLOW THIS BIT OF IRRATIONALITY? NOTHING! That’s the Filipino motto.

Posted by: The Critic of Filipino Idiocy | 28 October 2006

Pinoy Stupid now comes with a web address that’s easy on the memory (meaning: easier to remember, no need to tie a string around your index finger, if you’re that desperate at least)! Update your bookmarks! Pinoy Stupid now nests at

Posted by: The Critic of Filipino Idiocy | 27 October 2006

They hate my English accent.


Two short podcasts in and I’m already starting to get a ton of hate mail. Not that it bothers me. In fact, I’ve gotten so used to receiving them, dozens a day when I’m lucky, in the other blogs that I authored in the past, that I actually enjoy them now. I don’t get off by annoying people and provoking them to send me hate mail and leave positively barbaric comments, though. It’s not my life and I’m not about to start making it so. It’s just one of the finer things in life that I enjoy. These writers and commenters are so stupid that my already higher-than-usual sense of self-worth is escalated even further. For that, I guess I’m gonna have to thank my most persistent rude commenter, STFU.

And yeah, these people hate me for one thing. My English accent. I have no idea why they are under the impression that my accent can lead to nose-and-ear-bleeds and eventually a significant amount of splattering of grey matter. I beginning to suspect the involvement of a third-world-wasteland-edition green monster in these occurrences. They’re probably just jealous, yeah, finally realizing that they will never be able to pick up an English accent properly. That may be one of the reasons. But I guess we can point the finger, almost entirely, to their being Pinoy (Filipinos). Yep, the hate messages and uncivilized comments regarding my English accent, all of them, came from barbarians Pinoys.

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Posted by: The Critic of Filipino Idiocy | 23 October 2006

You can’t just live with it, can you?

microphone-thumb.JPGTHIS BLOG IS STUPID. THERE IS NO ACTUAL CONTENT. That was what Janet said. And that she was waiting for it (content) to arrive. Yep, she said that. You can check the tagboard down there. Now here it is. Just what you’re looking for. Thanks, Janet. Thanks for the wake up call. I must have been sleeping. Or not. In my defense, I was out all week, shopping for the perfect microphone stand!


Alright, moving on, I was bloghopping one day this past week and I came across BA’s blog. BA is presumably a Filipino, too (basing on his frequent use of the native language in his posts).

In one post, he wrote about how undisciplined Filipinos naturally are, encountering them on the MRT (it’s pretty much like a subway, only it doesn’t go underground. It runs high up in the sky. And it’s not pretty). He said:

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Pardon the use of a different language. But basically, with his long Tagalog sentences, he meant Filipinos are a bunch of undisciplined bastards. “Bastards” comes from me. And what do we have in the comments section? Let’s have a look-see:

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Posted by: The Critic of Filipino Idiocy | 17 October 2006

Test Podcast.

microphone-thumb.JPGHere it is. A fresh serving of The Critic. Listen to it. It’s not worth anything but still, listen to it. Just click the bloody thing. Right there. You can also subscribe to the podcast and download the episodes in MP3 format using iTunes or any other podcast software by clicking here.

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