Posted by: The Critic of Filipino Idiocy | 22 December 2006

Happy Holidays from Manila

Judging from your response on my previous post, I deduced that you cannot come up with a decent intellectual argument to make me stop writing and seeming like an angry, misanthropic son of a bitch, and shut me up.

Either that or you enjoy every word you read on this site. For that, I wish you all a Happy Christmas and a Wonderful New Year. I know I’m having a lousy one. Wishing for the opposite doesn’t make it happen. So maybe you guys will have better luck. It’s all about you (in the event, such as this one, that I can’t make it work for me). After all, I’m a people person.

So why am I so certain that I’m going to have a such a lousy lousy Christmas? Because I already am.

I hate Christmas shopping. I know Christmas shopping can be enjoyable in some other continents, but I just can’t see that happening here in the Philippines. It’s too chaotic and the moment you step foot in the mall, it’s like you see your entire life flashing in front of your eyes. It’s like you’re dying or something. Already cheap, stupid items are priced even lower (more than half off) to attract more people into buying them and giving them out to people they don’t even like. Mugs, pillows, more mugs, more crappy stuffed toys, more pillows. I don’t understand how receiving gifts like these is going to make someone’s life better.

I know. It’s the thought that counts, right? But once you get sucked into the Christmas rush and start picking up random, useless things from bargain stalls to give out to the first 200 people that cross your mind when you think of how many friends, relatives, and acquaintances you got, I don’t think you’re giving it a thought at all. So you give a crappy gift to a crappy person without giving it a crappy thought. Where’s the essence Christmas in such a process?

Happy Holidays!


Greet me personally. Text me at +63.927.641.4328. I give you an IDD number because readers outside the Philippines are not exempted from this sort of coercion.


  1. Crappy comment for a crappy article =D

  2. Indeed. Must have been the gazillion links that got you in the awards in the first place. You have no real content on your site. Everything I’ve read so far is nothing I haven’t read before. Dude, come up with better stuff. It’s about stupid Pinoys isn’t it? So write about that.

  3. Gazillion links? I don’t think so.

  4. You are becoming a victim of your own success! I know many Pinoys and you are a rarity. It’s true when they say most Pinoys can’t take what they dish out. They blame their misfortunes on anything and everything foreign but cannot stand to look at them selves to find what is wrong, much less correct it. I said it before and I’ll say it again – you have a great concept here and I think you are actually helping Pinoys – at least the ones that listen.

  5. I really want to help them, just not the philanthropic I love you Filipinos way. Helping people can be frustrating at times. Can you imagine how much more frustrating it is to help people who are either too proud or too stupid to get help? I can. I know.

  6. I would like to share an observation that, in my view, shifts some of the blame away from Pinoys, specially when it comes to crime and corruption. Most countries that were once colonies of Spain, Portugal and France have severe problems with crime and corruption. These include countries in Latin America and Souteast Asia (specially the Philippines and Indochina). These are all countries where the Catholic church had or continues to have a strong influence on the government and the population.

  7. Nope, I won’t click on the links you embed….Sorry! =)

    But I’m sharing you one post in PACLAND about your return >>

    This may yet get you the many hits you need as long as you continue to drew the ire of others….and maybe more awards huh….

    Here’s the full text of the post:

    Hey guys,

    The bloggers PinoyStupid and Shari who once drew the ire of some pac fans are back….after getting flooded with hate comments/emails, as well as sound advice from different posters….Here are their addresses:

    HOLD ON though….raise your EQ (emotional quotient/intelligence) a bit and heed this>>

    The more you visit their sites the more they think they make sense and may become more egotistical. They will continue to write disrespectful and hate blog items to get more visitors to their sites…that’s the way they may/can earn more money….

    So it’s up to you if you want to flood their articles again with comments and help propagate the garbage they are publishing….The choice is yours. HAPPY 2007!

  8. We will? Have we ever? Define disrespect. Define the need for respect. Define deserving.

    You don’t even deserve my time.

  9. But you replied anyway. This blog and Misteryosa just do what they do for comments and unique visitors.

  10. Rock On Brother!

    Keep rocking the boat, lay’m down and yack’m sack’m, or words to that effect.

    I had a wonderful holiday, in the Philippines! Spent three weeks in the province, drank tuba, yacked it up with locals, talked about what a great boxer Manny Pacqiuao is, and ate the local delicacies. Probably ate some dog too although I didn’t know it.

    You should go visit Leyte and Negros. That’s where I went. You’ll love it.

  11. Crikey mate – have you gone to the blog in the sky?

    Not seen you update on here for a while.

    Happy weekend.

  12. Hey Mr. Stupid….

    This red neck reminds me of you….the bad thing is that you’re pinoy but you’re acting like him in this crappy site of yours….oh well, you’re young…(at least you appear so with the way you write)…so I’ll cut you some slack….

    Enjoy >>

  13. If I have one thing to say, it is this: There are two kinds of people in this world: the one who doesn’t need to listen to anyone because he/she’s good enough and the one who won’t listen to anyone because this person thinks he/she’s good enough. And I love it when misguided people suddenly get shocked at reading the truth about their own rotten selves, lambast you for posting “stupid” stuff and accuse you of blogging merely for the visitor/sponsor clicks. To begin with, that’s not even an argument against you. They simply can’t dispute your argument and so they attack you as a person instead. What kind of fallacy was that again? *LOL* If they can’t beat you with The Force, they’ll try a CHEAP SHOT.

    As a piece of unsolicited advice: if you have nothing good to say, blog it! ^_^ This is your own virtual realm and you have all the rights to write anything. Anything. Even porn. No wait, I take that one back…

  14. Random person:

    Dude, you don’t understand half of what you’re saying with this:
    “…To begin with, that’s not even an argument against you. They simply can’t dispute your argument and so they attack you as a person instead.”

    Don’t talk about who can’t dispute anything here…and about acttacking-a-person-instead stuff. If you care to read everything Mr. Stupid writes including his comments he’s the one good at it….Come to think of it, this blog of his is even not just simply an attack on a person…It’s an attack on the Filipino….

    Here, perhaps Mr. Michael Marley can enlighten your lot a bit through his response to a certain Pinoy blogger (Mister Vader)>>

    I admit I’m only a Pac fan in terms of Pac’s boxing skills and not in his singing and political ambitions and may not defend Pac to this length…But you may get some wisdom in Mr. Marley’s account that before you scoff at Filipino eccentrities you might want to realize that in other parts of the world there are worse things than these.

  15. This blog site is all fucked up….

  16. One of my friends has been in there and he said it was great. I have to come there 🙂

  17. What happened to you Pinoy Stupid?

  18. Why don’t this dumb malicious motherfucker and his his horde of complaining bastards go the fuck back to the shithole where you came from? Of course, this site will naturally turn into a hate site. All these racist cochroaches are just frothing to release their stench. You dumb motherfuckers with your arrogance and your complaints. Why don’t you complaining malicious dumb motherfuckers go the fuck back to the shithole where you came from? Lol.

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