Posted by: The Critic of Filipino Idiocy | 16 December 2006

Philosophy Challenge

If you have nothing good to say, shut up.

Why should I? I say what I want to say. I don’t believe in censorship. So if I don’t want to gatekeep my mouth, why should I listen to people telling me so? It’s not like I give a shit.

They say that if I have nothing good to say, I should just keep it to myself. Hype up the good, precious, overwhelming things. Broadcast it nationwide even when it’s not big enough to warrant such a hype. It’s like coffee, after all. Picks us all up and makes us forget about the real things that we have to face. It’s all escapist crap. I don’t like it.

What are we going to do about those really really nasty things, then? We can’t just forget them. They won’t go anywhere anyway, not unless we face them and tackle them and kick them hard in the nuts. But we can’t just shut up about them, either. They’re not going to rot in hell like everyone would hope. They’re just going to lurk around, staring at us in our faces and laughing at us for being all human and polite and conservative and stupid.

And I’m not stupid. Not to let that happen where I’m concerned. Not that stupid. So I challenge you all.

I challenge you to give me a satisfactory explanation why I should follow the first line of this post: why I should do the positive lecture and hide the crap like it’s crap, literally. If you do this and succeed in giving me the explanation I need, you can have the legal and moral right to shut me up. I’ll take this blog offline and never write a thing again. At least not about the bad things. Well, you get my drift. Reach me however you can. Email. Comment. I’m open so much that you can even text me. +63.927.641.4328. Bring it on.


  1. where did you get the virus?

  2. What virus?

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  5. I like the way you are open in sharing your beliefs and “ideas”. (hehehe)

    I asked my friends to visit your blog.

    more power and god bless ^_^

  6. Thanks. On second thought, you’re not sharing anything if you’re not being open. Know what I mean? 🙂

  7. if they don’t like what you’re saying, why are they even reading your blog?

    don’t stop blogging bec that’s what they want you to do.

    more power to you.

  8. Suman, I have no idea. I won’t stop blogging. No one has stood up to the challenge. I love flaunting my aces like that. Haha.

  9. Know what? I can’t say anything more. I agree 100%. I can’t stand it when people try to dictate what you should do and write.

    You do what you should. You do what you want. Absolutely no one has the right to stop you.

    Off-topic: I’ve issued a “public apology” on my blog. Not that I’ve given up and want some peace (though I really do, LOL), but I really am sorry because apparently I’ve really hurt some people. But nah, I’m not taking back what’s been said. Can’t change the way I feel.

    BTW, moved successfully to .com.

  10. Reading some of your blogs and some comments, I gather that no one really said you should stop blogging…..At the most what they may have really wanted to say was to stop blogging stupidly (as much as you think you’re smart because you can write some English) or irresponsibly….and those posters have the right to say that too….

    No matter how you want to package the way you blog, it doesn’t take one to be a genius to know you’re really doing it for money. The more controversial, crappy, and disrespectful you sound, the more hits you get. And the greater probability visitors click on your sponsor links. That’s how the world works unfortunately. In some of your comments you demean other type of jobs (read: ways to earn money) but I don’t really think yours is much better and has got class.

  11. no. they should respect your right. we live in a world of positive and negative. they should see both sides of the idea.

  12. yes, you may have a reason to be frank about the negative stuff.

    but why not be positive? now, that’s what you can call helping. critizise in a positive way, give helpful insights. stopping is not the answer. rather it’s going towards another direction. use the controversy to get the orcs’ attention, then instead of slapping failures in their faces, tell them what they should do in order to stop being orcs and start being citizens. it will take time, but remember, one ripple may seem small to you, but someday it will become a wave. change is never instant so don’t lose hope.

    and that is not escapist. that’s facing the facts and doing something about it.

  13. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  14. so supposed your anti-filipinos, right? me too. they’re annoying creatures. i’ve found quite a few blogs made solely for the purpose of bashing filipinos, i guess they’re really that baaaahd.

  15. dohlierpoidialariaspatichopobic = idiot

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