Posted by: The Critic of Filipino Idiocy | 30 November 2006

The Intelligence I Have Taken For Granted

The day I woke up and decided I wanted to go back to royal path of blogging, I told myself I wanted to write about something interesting, something that would engage people and make them think. And so I did. I wrote something that interested me and an awful lot of others. I engaged them. I received more comments than I imagined myself ever receiving. However , I failed in the final aspect of my whole point of blogging.

I failed to make them think.

I failed to make them weigh my statements and investigate for any evidence of truth.

And I know perfectly that it’s not my fault. Some people are just really not used to thinking. Besides, this is not even my target audience. These are just fanatics who feel compelled to get back at me for saying something true about this boxer they worship. No matter, I have proven something I have taken for granted for the longest time.

The points I try to make in all my articles require a certain level of intelligence some people (yes, those who keep on flaming in my comments section) can only dream of ever acquiring. They do not understand my thoughts and there is not the slightest bit of hope that they ever will. I come forward with my criticisms. I put forth the irregularities I notice. I ask why it is absolutely necessary for these things to happen. This is my contribution. To expect me to do something more would be expecting too much. And yet they don’t see that. All they want is action here, do something good for the country there, drop that crab mentality shit here, yada yada yada.

I know I have to keep doing what I’m doing. Besides, it’s not like what I’m trying to achieve here is pointless. Believe you me, you may find this to be a more brutal approach than what is considered conventional, but I’m not doing this just to make fun of people. I am not a sixteen year-old emo. There is a definite need to address social problems, and I do not believe that sugarcoating my observations is absolutely imperative. I will say what I need to say if that’s what it takes to get them out of their media-hyper-consuming heavily escapist little world. Sugarcoating is for sensitive babies who’d rather be called smart-n-deep-n-intelligent than stupid even if the latter meant they would have the chance to better themselves.


  1. Woohoo! Talk about people being blinded by their own “intelligence”….

    You are trying to undermine others by saying they’re all fanatics worshipping their boxing demigod, failing to think, expecting more from you, blah blah….I remember way back in high school about one of the fallacies of logic. It’s called “Poisoning the well.” It’s resorting to attacking the person and not his arguments because you can’t rise up to the higher challenge of coming up with better arguments. It’s just like saying that someone is a liar for that will render everything he says as a lie and therefore has no weight….Hahaha….Nice one dude!

    My question for you is, have you tried questioning yourself? Have you tried to criticize the way you think? Your thought process, how is it? Are you objective enough to say your points and your opinions are intelligent?

    Most of the time, young people like you (who are so full of themselves) think they are manifesting intelligence. If only they know that if they just exert a bit of an effort to analyze themselves that all they have is narrow-mindedness.

    You can do that by being “silent”. After all if you’re too noisy (whether through talking or thinking too much)there are many things that you fail to realize. I’m not sure if you’re intelligent enough to get the drift here.

    The higher challenge dude is being able to question yourself, challenge your thinking process, and making improvements. Anyone can question just anything about other people, assume just anything about them, judge and criticize them. But that’s easy. If you are really intelligent, you won’t stop there.

    And one more thing, since you seem to have taken on the calling of being a critic and you think it’s noble, what can you say about many Filipinos who does nothing but complain?

    What do you think is better? Spending your talents and energy ranting and raving? Or focusing on how to provide solutions and making sure these are realized? Which is the more difficult challenge you think?

    Hmmm…I can tell the character of a man by the path he takes….One thing I can say about you is that you’re not the taking the road that is less travelled. You’re no different than the “monsters” in our society that you want to slay.

    You’re still young though….You still have time. I hope you can make good use of it.

  2. it may be just me, but why are the commenters anonymous? They yak and yak and yet choose not to disply links to their websites. lol. are these people hiding their websites because they’re afraid of being criticized or do their websites suck? what? what?

    gomen~ just curious~

    but wait! aren’t pingbacks/trackbacks (definition and usage —note: idiots, please do not click on the link.) the right way of making your arguements known? publishing ridiculously long comments on an article is just plain blech~

    *points to Jet de los Santos*


  3. I crack up when I read those comments on your blog. I mean, instead of thinking, they take your blog as an attack on the Filipino.

  4. Jet: Do not mistake stating the truth and the obvious for attacking people.

    I have questioned myself many times why I thought this way, not like everybody else did, why I am not mainstream, why I see stupid in everything that you do. And I will not disclose what I found out with you. You might, yet again, think I am conceited.

    I am not ranting. I am definitely not raving (know its meaning please). I am pointing out the problems. I will not come up with the solutions because I have told you many many times, I don’t want to do everything. I do not micromanage. Instead of posting long, boring comments here trying to argue with me, why don’t you try and come up with solutions based on what I’m saying the problems are, since you appear so smart and all that.

    The monsters are the little people who do not know what they’re doing and couldn’t care less unless it got in the way of their survival. You CANNOT liken me to such people. Could you tell me the character of these people? After all, you’re the resident psychologist of Accenture.

  5. Good thing you know how to look up about my personal information. That means you know how to do some research a little bit. Not sure if same is true for your journalist friend Shari.

    Despite my busy schedule at Accenture, I make it a point to do something tangible to help create solutions, dude. I just don’t create IT solutions, I also do my best and my friends to provide solutions for the society in our own little ways. We won’t stop there. Eventually, we will be in the position to do greater good and that’s the path we’re gonna take. I don’t need to ennumerate them here just to make a point.

    At the same time, I don’t shy away from the challenge of getting you cyber people (who thinks they are doing the country good) realize that you can do better than just posture as the better people out there when in fact you have really done nothing.

    One more thing, before you consider yourself intelligent, try not veering away from the topic as to use demeaning words like “boring”, “long comments, blah blah”….It seems to me that’s the only thing you’re good at –> Poisoning the Well. I defined that for you in a previous comment. Go and look up what that means.

  6. I don’t need to look up for more information about you by the way. I got to know what kind of person you are through your comments in Shari’s blog site.

    I’d rather question you than the little people you demean. After all, to whom much is given, much is required.

    You’re supposed to be the more intelligent being here and I’d rather be questioning what you can do than what our uneducated masa can do.

  7. I have done something. If I were more conceited I would say I had done everything. You try to discount the fact that I point the problems out so people could find solutions yet you hate me for discounting whatever hope and inspiration that Manny Pacquiao allegedly brought the Filipino people. Do as you preach.

    I do not try to veer away from the argument using these words. I make my arguments through them. If you can’t handle that I’d say you’re hypersensitive. I suggested what you could do. You did not listen. There is nothing more I can do for you. I am not your mother. I’d like to think I excel better in consultancy than being a maternal figure.

    Glad you noticed that I am not the god-like person you are hoping everyone to be. They can do monstrous things, collectively, you know. They have been putting undeserving people in office for the longest time. I hope you know that. Do your psychoanalysis on them instead.

  8. I’m pretty new to reading this blog, but the About section says:

    “A multimedia blog that exhibits the innate stupidities that are entirely, originally Pinoy. They show in little everyday doings of normal people all over the Philippines, and the blog documents as much stupidity as possible. Published by The Critic.”

    Obviously, not everyone is going to agree that what pinoystupid thinks is stupid, really is. We all have our own opinions and of course they’re not going to be the same. However, I don’t see anywhere in that intro does pinoystupid claim to be an activist and want to incorporate changes in Filipino society.

    Just my two cents.

  9. eet eez back aap!

    wtf happened?

  10. Host said SYN flood/attack. One has gotta to be responsible for this.

  11. umm… paclanders? 😆

  12. Obviously.

  13. at first glance, i thought that this blog was simply about damning the filipino.

    i was wrong.

    it’s a blog that casts a glaring spotlight on pinoy STUPIDITY.

    i grant you, pinoystupid, that few of the things you write here do not wound. they do… BUT only if one takes them at face value.

    example: – that harsh criticism of the pinoy as a jaywalker.

    now, as a pinoy — even a law-abiding one, even regarding jaywalking, i daresay — it would be damning if i was an incurable jaywalker.

    what gets my goat are not your posts, but those who take them at face value and don’t look beyond the criticism — which, in my view, is rather like a mirror that focuses on our defects that need correcting — and instead agree blindly with the criticism without focusing on how it likewise is a criticism of themselves (you could see that in the same post i highlighted).

    then again:

    “I failed to make them think.

    “I failed to make them weigh my statements and investigate for any evidence of truth.

    “And I know perfectly that it’s not my fault. Some people are just really not used to thinking.”

    yep, but that shouldn’t stop you.


  14. oh, and i’ve not a dollar to spare… apologies.

  15. I will never stop. Thanks, the jester-in-exile. It’s somehow relieving to realize that more people take time to read, really read, and understand my point.

    You made my day.

  16. This is definitely NOT a racist blog but rather one that picks on the OBVIOUSLY odd and detrimental pinoy-quirks which to my mind makes it validly more intelligent than the more “nationalistic” ones. There is nothing as refreshing as the truth no matter how much it may pain some!

  17. Maybe racism isn’t such a bad thing, after all. Let them think whatever the hell they want to think. It’s not like I’m the one who’s missing anything.

  18. i have to look for my tissue. .nose bleed here

  19. i really find difficulty in thinking if these people are just playing to utter something very cliche. are you doing this to test who is more intelligent?LOLz

  20. Hey, My pictures of my new emo hairstyle

  21. if you are put in the same room as manny pacquiao and you have to strike a conversation with him..

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