Posted by: The Critic of Filipino Idiocy | 26 November 2006

Filipinos are Insecure Bastards From The Jungle

We all have a purpose in life.

We always hear this from Christians and New Age nature worshippers. Christians say God (LOL) assigns us our own little task to fulfill while we walk the Earth, one which we cannot hope to die, rot six feet under, and enter his hippity-hop happy kingdom without ever accomplishing; New Agers believe it is the mother of us all, Mother Nature, who gives us this purpose to live. We have a purpose to serve in this world, ours albeit the Third World. While I have never believed in this statement because I find my definition of purpose and theirs to be rather contradictory (their purpose could be as little as giving someone a good hard slap on the head to wake him up from his madness – I see that as a mere coincidence and enough reason to kill themselves), I realized that Manny Pacquiao has a purpose on Earth, a duty to the people. And he has served it well.

He is here to tell us that Filipinos are fatally insecure.

Everytime a Filipino wins something, even something that is entirely irrelevant and about which no one knows shit, it is broadcast all over the Philippines as something to be proud of. Then the broadcast ends with something like, Kaya ng Pinoy! (The Filipino can) Filipino talent is world-class and we can beat the crap out of everyone else who doesn’t have a green passport! We are TEH WINNARS! Die, you overweight Americans, you Japanese fatheads, you sux0rzZz LOL!

I mean, this is just silly.

I am not aware of such instances in other countries. When somebody of their own kind wins something, they give it a moment, say congratulations, then moment’s over. They do not say Brits can do it too! or Go Somalians Go! like high school cheerleaders on crack.

I have always wondered why there is a need for this assertion. I mean, whoever told whom that the Filipino CAN’T? It’s like doing something without having the faith of ever pulling it off and then getting surprised at the end. This could be a way of uplifting the morale of the people while we struggle with economic and political crises here and there. This could also be a way of diverting the people’s attention from the fact that we are in deep shit to something much more palatable, no matter how unimportant it may be.

Point to make: There is no need for all this long-sustained pride. A moment is enough to celebrate and give due credit. Week-long features on how one person intends to spend his winnings and statues erected in his name are overkill. There also is no need for this Filipino pride. It doesn’t matter if a Filipino or an Ethiopian won. Being too proud of one’s nationality breeds racism. Every talent is world-class. Saying Filipinos are world-class CAN ONLY MEAN that there are others who aren’t. If everyone was actually world-class they wouldn’t be celebrating in the first place. Hence, the concept of racism (about which Asians always had the problem).

Curiously, aren’t Filipinos always the ones who cry RACIAL DISCRIMINATION! everywhere they go?


  1. I’ve been nodding my head like crazy since the first line of this post, and my head still bobs in agreement.

    Yeah, you tell me why the others seem to imply that we can’t. Pacquiao won. Great. Congratulations. End of the story.

    You say it best, Pinoy Stupid. Props for that.

    PS: Still have to take care of my own bills. If Money…dammit…Manny Pacquiao pays for my domain, I’m gonna…respect him for a whole day. LOL.

  2. Thank you thank you. I am now convinced that I do not turn into an insolent ungrateful bastard who does not make any sense at all every time I open my mouth, or in this case, write an article. It is now articulation and eloquence that make me infamous. Thank you thank you. I am touched. And moved.

    Moment is over.

    See, that’s how they’re supposed to do it. What is so hard about that?

  3. Here’s some irony for you–as I read your post, which I came across via BlogMad though I’m now adding you to my Bloglines, I’m sitting here in my pajamas. What does my T-shirt say? Filipino Pride. And it has a big Filipino flag on it.

    Another irony is that the red and blue portions of the flag are reversed. My brother made the shirt in a high school screenprinting class years ago and obviously didn’t know that the top is supposed to be blue and the bottom red.

    Though I was born in the PI, I’ve lived in the States since I was three. However, I still see, and feel, that Filipino insecurity around me. Why else would my brother feel the need to make a “Filipino Pride” shirt? I could ask him, but the shirt’s like, ten years old so he probably wouldn’t even remember.

    I never heard the term “Kaya ng Pinoy!” before (I still know Tagalog, though I speak it better than I can read it), but what you say is so true–who’s implying that we can’t?

    My own insecurities stem partially from the Vaginal Visas. Ever read Queer Chef? A small part of me deep down “assumes” that when people see me with my husband, who’s white, that I’m a mail order bride or something, despite my “all-Americaness.”

    OK. I’ll stop rambling now, but I hope I made sense.

  4. Rambling is very much welcome here on Pinoy Stupid, as long as you make sense. And you just did. We need more people like you who actually think before they accept or reject a certain traditions, among other things.

  5. yes. there is no need for celebrating too long just because somebody won. a greeting and a simple party is enough. there is no need for us to celebrate pacman’s victory everyday, really.

    and i think, it’s only here in the Philippines where someone gets too much attention whenever he/she wins something.

    walang ganyan sa states!

  6. hai hai~

    *nods in approval*

    the way i see it, sensationalism in this god-forsaken country exists because of poverty. why else would you put him in the cover of a magazine (unless you’re a fag or a tasteless bitch. lol)? that effing mayor may damn well be erecting a statue because he has plans for the next election. gads. this is infuriating…


  7. […] Gads, the list goes on. And yes, I agree with Pinoy Stupid. There’s no point in celebrating a victory everyfuckingday. I say throw a grand party, then forget about it the day after. If people want it to be a daily event, then throw parties for the other athletes as well. Effing erect statues for the others too! After all, there are a lot more people there who deserve recognition. Tags: hate invasion putanginamo pwned wtf Related Posts: […]

  8. tying hard to be a writer and journalist?well, write some good stuff that tickles the mind of the reader.never attack people who achieved greatness the hard way and whose successes can never be equalled by how many pages and websites you make.

    be responsible and professional.freedom of expression is a licence and it’s a claim most stupid people do.shame!shame!to those who envy the likes of ordinary people who leave a mark to history.his heart and spirit goes to the whole nation while thare are a few like you who has an imbalance perception of what it is to bring home pride and dedication.

    you are not good enough…try improving your choice of topics.

  9. good education…bad action!!!delete my comments again?fine.just struck you right at your oxygen-head.

  10. dmazuryki: I write well and provocatively enough. I don’t even have to try.

    You explain greatness to me and I will explain sensationalism to you. Of course I do not expect everyone to understand my articles. But you know there is something wrong with you when you don’t understand them.

    I did not delete your comments you fucktard. These are all being moderated. Sheesh. What an uneducated monkey.

  11. I respect your opinion Mr/Ms Blogster, but in my opinion, your title is way below the belt. Does that mean, Shari, Barb, Keysi, christian, etc are “Insecure Bastards from the Jungle?” (If they are Pinoys…). Hey guys, do you agree that you are such? You are generalizing that all Filipinos are “Insecure Batards from the Jungle,” well, I’m not. I don’t think what other people thinks about me. I am not insecure for who/what I am. I am true to my self. I don’t pretend to be someone I am not, ’cause what I believe is we are all equal. Some people might be richer, more handsome, taller, has bigger dick than me, but hey I’m not inferior to them. I still have things, that I categorically say, are better than them.

    I agree, however, that celebrating too much or being too proud (sometimes boastful), is not a good thing to do, but I think this does not happen only in the Phils… This trend seems to happen on poor countries. I remember in the recent 2006 FIFA World Cup, this African nation (forgot the exact country), who is like the Phils, a very poor nation, celebrated for days when they qualified to the next round after defeating a powerhouse team (who was once a major contender for the championships).

    In my opinion, when something good happens in a poor country, how irrelevant it may be to the betterment of the whole nation, it seems to be a trend that the whole nation rejoices and the citizens become too proud of it. In some cases, it lifts the morale of the whole nation, which is good for the country.

    In most cases however (how sad), corrupt politicians thrive on these for their own benefit, SHAME on them!!! I think they are to blame on the recent events that happened after Pacquiao’s win. Statue for Pacquiao? WTF, should have used the money for more useful projects.

    I’m not contradicting everything what you are saying here (except for the title), I certainly agree with some of your points and I respect your opinion, I’m just expressing all the angles that I see within the arguments you posted.

    -Ang Pandoy

  12. from what i see it, people needs something to make their morale boost up. And Manny, together with every international Filipino winners and news makers, are examples needed by our society, that is full of insecurity and uncertainty.

    Let’s just be proud of what Manny did, but not too much.

  13. pandoy: Your comment was not deleted. All comments are being moderated to avoid non-English ones.

    Any road, the title had to go with the main thrust of this blog. It had to tell that the majority, not all, act in the manner described. If readers find this objectionable, then the content is there to tell them more.

    keysi: Sensationalism, in this case, is essentially is escapism. Draw the people’s attention to trivial things. Oh this is all inspirational shit.

    charleslemark and christian: Totally.

  14. Let’s just be proud of what Manny did, but not too much.


  15. i agree with some of the things you wrote. if you trully wanted to understand why filipinos do things the way they do, then you should have probably done your homework on our history. it’s because of our history that we exaggerated everything good that happens to us. it’s not saying that filipinos are better than americans, japanese or etc. we just do things more differently than you do. so please don’t judge filipinos too harshly. at least, you don’t see us having chaos on our streets over a football game.

  16. And your target majority doesn’t even have access to this piece of shit…

  17. Actually, the Filipinos are not alone.
    Check out, or
    this is more than Manny’s.
    Don’t say things like, this only happens in the Philippines, or comparing Filipinos with Brits or Somalians. Read more. But do keep on writing and publishing your views. You too and other Filipinos will continue to serve your roles.

  18. Dog: The majority is not my target. It is my subject. You whine and you whine and you don’t even understand what I’m saying. But that is understandable for a Pacquiao fan.

  19. hahahaha! the internet has gone wild!

    its just sad that we’re being dominated by some attention deficit wackos…

    lots of talkies nowadays.

  20. Yes, yes, instead of investigating if there’s any truth to what I’m saying you resort to name calling. And people always preached against name calling. Whatever happened? Acting against your own teachings?

  21. Just because some people doesn’t agree in your views, you will call him/her Fucktard and an uneducated monkey? Geesh, you really are full of yourself. This blog spot is nothing but an exclusive place for asslickers and self-righteous wannabes. I don’t see even an ounce of intelligence here but just a plain foul air poofing out of your head.

  22. PINOY STUPID, plain stupid, you’re just plain stupid……… actually have some sense in some of your posts/articles, but that doesn’t make you an authority on everything about PINOY CUSTOM, PINOY ATTITUDE, same goes for the posts/articles of those who disagree with you…………….but for me, as a FILIPINO (a proud FILIPINO), if I be given the freedom to become a FILIPINO like you or a FILIPINO who celebrates everyday about the victory of the PACMAN, i’d choose the latter FILIPINO type…..because at least, i’ll be a FILIPINO who shares victory with a real champion, unlike a FILIPINO like you who is bitter seeing others enjoying the victory of PACMAN…….

  23. BTW, i forgot to ask…..or i simply did not do any research (you’re not worth anything at all in the first place)…..r u Filipino?? if NOT, thank GOD!!!!!! if YES, OMG!!!!! at least, if you’re pinoy, you’re the living example of “bad pinoys” you are trying to portray in your posts…..have you ever wondered that you yourself is an example of the pinoys you are whining about in your posts?

  24. why were my posts deleted???? because you’re a loser i guess…….

  25. pandoy, I don’t necessarily think that I’m an “Insecure Bastard from the Jungle,” but I admit that sometimes I do feel insecure that non-Filipinos may think that I’m just some mail-order bride, as I mentioned in my earlier comment, in spite of the fact that I grew up in the States. My insecurities, of course, stem more from my own self-esteem rather than the fact that I’m Filipino. I know I shouldn’t care what other people think of me, but I can’t help it if sometimes I do–but again, that has more to do with me, personally.

    As for the title, well, it certainly got people’s attention, didn’t it? That was the intention–look how many people have read the post and commented. And the phrase, “Kaya ng Pinoy” does imply that Filipinos can’t accomplish things as easily as others.

    When the Chicago Bulls won the championships for however many times in a row, yeah, there were big celebrations here in Chicago, so I don’t think these prolonged festivities are limited to poor countries–plus there was some rioting and whatnot that occurred, too, but no one ever said anything like, “Chicagoans can do it!” Or, “African-Americans can do it!” I realize that the entire team wasn’t made up of African Americans, but I think (hope) you get the gist of what I’m saying–and what I think pinoystupid is trying to get across–why wouldn’t Pinoys be able to “kaya” anything?

  26. Well, i got your point. But Manny’s case is exceptional. It enthuses hope and inspiration of our ever sagging country and our people. He had beaten all odds to excel in his endeavor not only for his family but our nation as well. His endeavors unites our people for a common goal, that is to win and be proud of it.

    Yep, we are insecure and have very low morale. His win is not about announcing to the whole world but to the whole nation. And that is enough good reason that we should celebrate Manny’s win because that is all we need for now – hope, morale and inspiration.

    Remember, our country is comprised of 70% poor and perhaps uneducated people. Manny’s win brought hope and inspiration to these people. Good for you, you belong to the elite group and probably much more educated than the masses. If you don’t want to celebrate with us, that’s fine but just keep it yourself. We don’t need your rants.

    Besides, blame all these to the media and politics, not Manny, not us.

  27. Tapoyski: He is a fucktard. I don’t believe sugarcoating will get us anywhere. Please, bring your Bible Study elsewhere. RESPECT IS EARNED, Bustamante from the jungle.

    PROUDLY PINOY: I did not say I was an authority on whatever it is that you think I claim to be. Bitter? Bitter?! Go celebrate as you please. I don’t care. These are my observations and this is how I see things. It’s not like I’m forcing you to believe whatever I’m saying here. But really, you are the reason you remain to be in a third world country.

    And I did not delete your comment. You fucktard.

    dodz: You don’t need my rants in the same way that I don’t need fanatical opinions. I have said my piece on escapism. I don’t have to reiterate it for the benefit of just one person.

  28. dodz: who actually benefitted from fuckman’s winnings? did you? whoever forced you to read this blog? LOL.

    okay so he won, what now?


  29. PinoyStupid,

    You know why there are Filipinos who want to celebrate Pinoy achievements and “broadcast” it perhaps longer than other groups do? It’s because all these years, we’ve been flooded with negativity. If you do your research there’s one big problem in our society that we need a cure for and that’s being unconsciously (perhaps subconsciously) unbelieving in what we can do. That’s the result of years of being colonized such that the thought process have been affected somehow that Filipinos are second-class, lesser beings, and that there’s nothing good that will come out of the Philippines.

    If you know anything about psychology, you would focus more on aspects like defensive mechanism, affirmation (self-affirmation), identity-crisis, etc….

    Filipinos celebrating Pinoy achievements are doing some sort of “self-affirmation” trying to compensate with the negative view of self or race. You have no authority to question how people cope up with this and how they would want to build up their confidence again.

    By the way you reason out here, you are not helping in the solution. You are only contributing to the problem. I don’t agree with you that at this point Pinoys are actually exhibing a false sense of national pride. There’s way too much about this issue than meets the eye or than just being addressed on the surface. So be very careful.

    One thing I can say about you is that you are so negative to a fault. Your handle says it all >> PinoyStupid. You brand your own kind insecure, stupid, bastards, etc. Looking at the big picture, I’m not sure anymore what you want to achieve by this. I don’t want to think you have a colonial mentality nor you have a crab mentality.

    I just really hope you learn to use your talents and spend your energy providing solutions rather than just criticizing without doing anything to help. For if you just rant and rave all you want, you don’t gain any moral authority to speak about anything and whether you like it or not you won’t be able to influence anyone significantly.

    Try to see things in another light dude. There’s no harm in trying.

  30. Inasmuch as you are entitled to your own opinion, you are also called to be responsible….

    There is wisdom in being silent if you have nothing good to say.

    It is not because technically nothing stops you to bang away and broadcast your opinions over the net or nothing stops you from blabbering about your opinion that you should just do that anytime you feel like doing it. After all, you can also “kill” with your words.

    So don’t hide or take refuge in your argument that everyone’s entitled to their opinions and that gives you all the freedom to just say anything. Be thankful that Pinoys are not as addicted to filing lawsuits (e.g. slander) like Americans do or else you would have had our politicians, Manny, et al piling lawsuits after lawsuits against you.

    Be responsible and grow up.

  31. Here’s my “request” by the way to Shari that I would like to ask from you too:

    Hey Shari,

    Can you write something about your definition of a national hero or hero for that matter?

    I just would like to understand and have an idea of your “thought” process on this one. You may want to engage PinoyStupid too to give his “enlightened” view of how a person can attain a national hero status….Perhaps, just perhaps if you can present something brilliant I can in some degree understand why you write the way you write…Although your approach (in my humble opinion) really stinks to high heavens….

    By the way, here’s an article you may want to see….

    You may say I’m leading you somewhere but it won’t hurt to be open-minded right? >>

    And in case you didn’t know about this (you appeared to be so with your Pac-monkey blog), I’m doing you a favor by sharing you this link–>

    If you want more examples of this around the world, you may want to try using Google first….Oh, have you heard of google by the way? I’m assuming you do since you have your own blog site right? You should be very very resourceful, research about something first before ranting “intelligently” and internet savvy.

    Looking forward to your blog item about what national hero means….=)

    The ball is in your court PinoyStupid….Convince me! Just be logical for now. That’s the first step anyway since I also believe “logic is just a refuge of the uninitiated”….I’m not asking you to be sensible yet….Just present your thoughts on this logically for now. Let me see, let me see….

  32. christian said,
    Wrote on November 27, 2006 @ 4:42 am

    yes. there is no need for celebrating too long just because somebody won. a greeting and a simple party is enough. there is no need for us to celebrate pacman’s victory everyday, really.

    and i think, it’s only here in the Philippines where someone gets too much attention whenever he/she wins something.

    walang ganyan sa states!


    Hey Christian,

    Ba’t natin kailangang gayahin kung anong nangyayari sa States? Why do we need to mimic everything they do, if I may ask? From how they pronounce words, dress up, deal with their victories, etc….?

    You don’t know half of what you’re typing/saying by implying or questioning why Filipinos do the way they do….

    Have you been to other countries and lived there substantially long enough to know how people celebrate their national pride? Did you know that back in Puerto Rico, Tito Trinidad is treated like Manny is here? Do you know how people in Europe treat their soccer players especially the famous ones?

    Did you research on how Americans propped up their spirits during depression and cold war? And how sports provided a venue for them to believe in themselves and not cower against other superpowers like Russia?

    You guys are young…and no matter how intelligent you think you are…there are many things you don’t know yet. So don’t be arrogant and don’t think you have all the answers in the world.

    If you can’t be open-minded at least research well enough before you voice out your opinions. Uneducated opinions are nothing….these are just pure noise….You end up like noisy gongs…Pure noise and with no substance.

  33. Jet: I know they are insecure. That’s what I said in my post. You don’t tell me what I just said.

    You can build your confidence in a single flick if you want to. Especially when there is virtually no one bullying you. There is no need for this celebration. There is nothing to be proud of if somebody won a boxing match for money. Enlighten me how I add up to the problem when I am pointing out what the problem is. This is my contribution. I don’t have to do any form of manual labor to help because I am not a monkey.

    And this is the different light you are talking about. If I saw things the way everyone did I’d be yapping around like a Chihuahua how Manny makes me all proud.

    And I have to disagree with you about the silence part. If everyone only talked about the good things and no one ever dared mention the bad things, where is this place going to?

    Now, when did I ever mention that freedom of speech shit? Refresh my memory. Of that I remember no instance. I am being responsible. To point these things out is to be responsible. If I didn’t care about what I should do to make the Third World a better place I’d have decided to blog on Pinoy Dream Academy instead. And my choice of words is not your call. I am not a national daily. I do not have to censor myself.

    Your question to Christian is so funny. You make a living out of trying to imitate the way Americans speak. Talk about irony.

  34. You add up to the problem because you question the way people cope up with insecurity. Everyone has insecurities at varying degrees and each has their own way of dealing with it.

    Just like physical growth has stages, outgrowing certain things emotionally, psychologically has stages too. Some people just need a single flick to do it because they know or are empowered to do it. Most people are not educated enough to know about it. That’s where supposedly intelligent people like you can make a difference.

    Again, I’d like to specifically point out how little is your understanding of boxing as a sport. By diminishing what Manny has achieved saying that it’s just winning a boxing match for money says it all. A lot of people sees boxing to embody more than what you think or judge it to be. Just like any other sports or endeavour is bigger than what they are on the surface. A little understanding is a dangerous thing they say.

    If you don’t feel proud about this because your mind is too closed for it, then at least do not question why others put so much value to it. If you do that, it’s just like telling people that we all should have the same priorities in life.

    It’s already a blessing that people are able to find something to cheer about amidst all the problems in the country. By being pessimistic for still highlighting something negative about this “phenomenon” is something that I refuse to understand. I can’t understand why can’t you seem to appreciate even just the good consequences of Manny’s endeavor (regardless of how weird to you these has become)like for some hours crime rate is almost zero, the ever so divided Philippines has for a few moments everyone (well now I know it’s not everyone minus you and Shari at the least) united in one sentiment, etc.

    I’m not saying you don’t bring up issues that need to be brought up. The thing is that the way you express your opinions seem only to highlight too much of the negative aspect of things. Why can’t you look at the bright side of things? Accept the fact that there are many things we want to change but nevertheless we should “roll with the punches”? We cannot solve all the things that we see problematic if we focus our energy on JUST raising what’s wrong INSTEAD of spending more time and energy coming up with SOLUTIONS.

    And for saying that I’m trying to imitate the way Americans speak is another proof of your knack for hasty generalizations. You don’t even know me or my background and just because I sounded American to you is enough for you to say that I am imitating Americans. Try for a second to see your statement there and the way you think, brother. It’s not because you just expose yourself PERHAPS more to American things and as such draw similarities to what you saw/read in my post is enough basis for you to say how ironic or “americanized” or whatever I was. Ah ah….Try to step back a little bit and analyze yourself in retrospect.

    P.S. I’m just typing my thoughts here without considering grammar or whatever, ok? It’s because I believe you are smart enough to understand the message I’m trying to put across. I’m putting this disclaimer because you may yet again attack something else here instead of the essence of the arguments. =)

  35. Exactly kabayan, RESPECT IS EARNED….so have you earned it yet?

  36. Jet: Your IP points to Accenture. You work at a call center. See? I did not base “my presumption” on your language because that would have been an insult to Americans.

    I have told you, these are just little things that do not mean anything. Crime rate is zero for a few hours and then it goes back to normal after the match. What has changed? Nothing.

    I see things as they are. I don’t get all inspirational. I don’t get all escapist. I am cynical and I am realistic. Pointing out the problems is my contribution. If I hadn’t pointed them out you wouldn’t have noticed them happening in your face. I don’t have to think of the solutions. I am not your hero.

    Tapoyski: Earning your respect is the least of my worries. I threw it out in the open because I had to argue that Pacquiao did not earn my respect with all his punching. He probably never will. Just because you have your face down his crotch doesn’t mean everybody else does.

  37. Hahahah….

    You make me laugh PinoyStupid. Just like your flock of egoistic and so-called “intelligent” beings and journalists for that matter, you don’t know how to research about a thing before saying something about it.

    You’re right about Accenture being a call center. But it only branched out to the Call Center industry a few months ago. Accenture (formerly Andersen Consulting) is a multinational IT and Consulting company for more than 20 years.

    Most people in the Philippines thought and still thinks Accenture is just a call center company. Here, I’m making it easy for you…read more ( before you bang away and type your rantings here….

    P.S. What’s wrong with people working in Call Centers, by the way?

  38. It was a retort to your response to Christian’s comment on imitating the people in the West. You were hypocritical enough to question why everything we do has to be compared/likened to what they do up there.

    I had to point out that you MAKE A LIVING out of imitating the way they speak. Does it have to be THIS long before you get what I mean?

    I never ranted about call centers. Besides, if I wanted to rant here that would be none of your business. I am not a journalist. I can write about whatever the hell I want.

  39. Oh, and did I mention that I’m an IT consultant and not a call-center agent (it’s a noble job than a blogger-know-it-all one)? I thought you figured that out already when you visited my friendster account.

    And you did not want to insult Americans but you do insult your fellow Pinoys? Oh men…I’m beginning to feel I’m wasting my time visiting your blogs. I’m just hoping against hope now that I’d see a more sensible reply from you that may make me linger a little longer and perhaps visit your site some other time if my time permits. After all, I have better things to do than feed my mind with thoughts from an arrogant person.

  40. I am not desperate enough to stalk you on Friendster. Please. Don’t feel all self-important.

    Oh, you say that as though I actually care. I never said I don’t want to insult Americans. I said you feeling all Americanized would be inappropriate. I only give out WARRANTED insults. Your logic is flawed. You belong to the call center industry. I’m not wasting my time on you any longer. Let me, however, point you in the direction where the blogger actually pays attention to your kind. Click here. I think you’ll get your own dose of whatever it is you need.

    There’s no need to feel confused.  I’ll make the decision for you.  You have been blacklisted. No more webspace for you.

  41. Hmm…my question is, if Jet de los Santos has “better things to do than feed [his] mind with thoughts from an arrogant person,” why did he keep coming back here?

  42. Why that is, I really haven’t a clue.

  43. Oh yes of course, it’s all about the hits. Ciao for now.

  44. Shari said,

    Wrote on November 26, 2006 @ 12:32 pm

    I’ve been nodding my head like crazy since the first line of this post, and my head still bobs in agreement.

    Yeah, you tell me why the others seem to imply that we can’t. Pacquiao won. Great. Congratulations. End of the story.

    You say it best, Pinoy Stupid. Props for that.

    PS: Still have to take care of my own bills. If Money…dammit…Manny Pacquiao pays for my domain, I’m gonna…respect him for a whole day. LOL.


    -then why don’t you go up into the ring and box and win huge amount of $$$$$… then put up an ISP company and give its services for free…

    -then you can have my guddam respect…

    -as for now… you’re just one of those meddling smart bloggers who thinks they can say everything they want and get away with it…

    -there’s a thin line line between smart and pretending to be smart…

    pinoystupid said,

    Wrote on November 26, 2006 @ 12:40 pm

    Thank you thank you. I am now convinced that I do not turn into an insolent ungrateful bastard who does not make any sense at all every time I open my mouth, or in this case, write an article. It is now articulation and eloquence that make me infamous. Thank you thank you. I am touched. And moved.

    Moment is over.

    See, that’s how they’re supposed to do it. What is so hard about that? / The Monkey Statue at Baywalk (READ: The Manny Pacquiao Statue) said,

    Wrote on November 27, 2006 @ 3:47 pm

    […] Gads, the list goes on. And yes, I agree with Pinoy Stupid. There’s no point in celebrating a victory everyfuckingday. I say throw a grand party, then forget about it the day after. If people want it to be a daily event, then throw parties for the other athletes as well. Effing erect statues for the others too! After all, there are a lot more people there who deserve recognition. Tags: hate invasion putanginamo pwned wtf Related Posts: […]

    -it not MP who’s still celebrating and wants to build a statue…

    -it’s the people around MP who needs good publicity because they badly needed one right now…

    -don’t you get it…

    -if you called the people around MP “monkeys”… you wouldn’t get this much attention…

    -thats why… instead of calling the people around MP monkeys… you called MP instead…

    -what if MP didn’t win.. and still given the attention and media hype he’s getting right now…

    -maybe you’re going to call him “monkey-loser…”

    -i am not a fan or a foe…

    -but every time someone was given a lot of attention and media hype… someone starts to bash-talk and calling-names to the said person… why not bash-talk and calling-names the people who give the attention and the media hype…

    -not the person who work hard in order for him to achieve his goals…


  45. -free country…

    -the why are my post being deleted…

    -this is my fourth within 2 blog topics and i havent seen one…

    -this is bullshits…

    -why moderate it… so you can look into the flaws of the message…

    -if you cant find any and you cant think of something to reply with you delete it…



  46. Maybe I have my own reasons, like disliking non-English comments so much that I have to delete them, for moderating comments. Maybe I don’t.

    Maybe you have to read the sidebar.

  47. you may be a bastard or a bitch but some some reason i kinda like yah… i agree, pacman ain’t such a big deal((yawns))

  48. Thank you thank you. I am now convinced that I do not turn into an insolent ungrateful bastard who does not make any sense at all every time I open my mouth, or in this case, write an article. It is now articulation and eloquence that make me infamous. Thank you thank you. I am touched. And moved.

    hahahhahahahahahahahah! I like THIS response.. i too am so touched that you are touched! in fact, i am so touched that i feel your pain!

  49. A lot of people like me, you know. They just have very peculiar ways of expressing it.

  50. pinoystupid said,

    Wrote on January 4, 2007 @ 10:25 am

    A lot of people like me, you know. They just have very peculiar ways of expressing it.

    LOL! yeah they seem to have a penchant for coming back despite the fact that they express their rabid onjections to some things yah say.. heck.. no wonder you won the webby thingy! Now, that’s real talent! Make them some back and blabber istead of thinking! 🙂

  51. When you can’t take the heat, blacklist someone! Nice way of putting out the fire, Pinoystupid way!

  52. I had to blacklist someone, so far with all the idiots that have hung out around here, just one, because he was wasting my time. And he was a waste of bandwidth. And I don’t have to justify TO ANYONE whatever the hell I want to do with my website.

  53. Haha!I love this site! This is just sooo biting. you have articulated all the points that I am so wary to express especially in front of my friends. I am working overseas and if I would only even hint to my Filipino colleagues about us being terribly insecure, then they would bury me alive. I just hate the “we’re so good,we’re sooo great that all these other nationalities are stupid lazy morons and this company will be bankrupted if not because of us” attitude.

    And the thing that I hate most about is that:they hate you when they learn that you speak/write better english than them. As if the facility of the language is the all encompassing yardstick of intelligence.


  54. don’t come to the philippines if i get to know you i am going to kill you…….

  55. What the heck! This guy has the gall to talk about a certain company of which he doesn’t know much about. Did you know that in the Information Technology Services Industry, Accenture is currently number 1 as the most admired company in 2007?

    Here’s the proof if you’d even care to read –>

    You think of yourself so highly as to do service to others through your site. That’s fine if that’s really what you think you’re doing. But at least do manifest even just a hint of intelligence before you bang away and publish your opinions by checking the facts.

  56. “Filipinos are Insecure Bastards from the Jungle.” What the f***? Hmmm. Here is my REACTION.

    My first impulse was to reply with the most venerable curses against PinoyStupid’s essay; but come to think of it, it is kind of true. Shit. And when I think harder, I see that sometimes, I am guilty of this as well.

    I have two perspectives on PinoyStupid’s article: First, It’s true; and next, let’s look at the bright side.

    No sense in unobjectively attacking the motherf***er’s opinion (Hey, PinoyStupid, consider it a term of endearment)and getting shot-down. That’s what we Filipinos lack – objectivity. Let’s be unempirical for once and not get our emotions in the way.

    I am a fan of Manny Pacquiao. I find it great that he represents our country. Now, does that make me a neanderthal ignoramus? I think not. The stereotypical insinuation against Pacquiao fans was a bit off though, PinoyStupid. I hope that my reaction changes your mind. But hell, say what you want.

    Wrote on November 29, 2006 @ 3:36 am

    Dog: The majority is not my target. It is my subject. You whine and you whine and you don’t even understand what I’m saying. But that is understandable for a Pacquiao fan.

    I am a fan of his skills and I consider him one of the best boxers of our time. Not to be self-important, but I have been training in the martial arts since grade school, and I also box. I have been in real fights (shit, and lost most of the time. damn it!). I understand what it takes to be where Manny is, as a fighter. I understand what hand-to-hand combat is like and what it entails to become a victor, either in the ring, or in the streets. Manny is a great fighter…but take note… A FIGHTER! What I don’t understand is his elevation to Jose Rizal status. Actually, ol’ Jose was never recognized and paid tribute this much. Manny is not a national hero and specially, not a POLITICIAN. The sad truth that was pointed out by PinoyStupid in his article is, there are millions out there who don’t understand what Manny is all about. I will defend Manny as a fighter; as someone to look up to with regard to his principles in training; as a warrior with lots of heart; but…as a glorified hero who deserves a statue? I’ll take a rain check on this one. If he did something like what Andres Bonifacio did, I’m all for a statue. But as of the moment, Llt’s not waste valuable resources for a frigging statue! How about a Manny Pacquiao fund for the homeless rather than a worthless and meaningless….thing? Mayor Lito, you did lots of good things for Manila, but pushing through with this debacle will prove that you are TRAPO. Oh and Keysi, nothing against you, Manny on a magazine cover is forgivable so long as the magazine is related to sports.

    Our culture is generally collectivist where there are strong social networks i.e. at work, at school, the neighborhood, and even abroad. I used the word “generally” so as not to stereotype people and for those overly defensive people who are not too bright, to understand that I am not stereotyping. We cooperate, we help each other out, we make room for one another; there’s a lot of good stuff. But because the Filipino people has been screwed-over for the past 400 years, we are TOO MUCH of a collectivist society. We are so much at the far end of the collectivist spectrum that we are not free-thinkers anymore; therefore, we strap our ideals on the backs of our other Filipino brethren who are excelling in their own fields of expertise to make us feel that we are successful as well. The result? MEDIOCRITY and more fuggin’ NAME-DROPPING which we Pinoys are soooooo fond of.

    A lot of people are talking about FILIPINO pride. You want to be proud? DO SOMETHING and walk the talk. We ARE a great people but thing is, we just keep saying we are a great people without really doing anything about it but namedrop and jump on the “hey-successful-guy-is-a-great-Pinoy-i-am-great-too” bandwagon.

    There is nothing wrong about being a proud Pinoy. Just make sure that you’re doing something about it, and not just saying it. Manny Pacquiao’s success and level of skill should inspire Filipinos around the world to let go of mediocrity and embrace excellence. Let’s stop screaming “I’m Filipino!” at every victory by someone else. What we should be doing is letting everyone else in the world see that we can be victors in our own way and LET THEM scream, “WOW! NOW THAT’S A FILIPINO!”

  57. Saw your site on google. Ouch, reality bites.

    Impressive, your site.

    Well, I’m curious to ask: do you love your country?

  58. Oh man, you’re quite right on this. Whom do you think should we blame, the media like ABS-CBN and the politicians? Yeah, I blame them for all of that.

  59. Ninja Panda Bear: True. As I have said many times, nobody the knows the real worth of Pacquiao. Worshipers do not know why they are worshipers of Pacquiao. Is it because of his skill? The money he brings home to the country? The escapist inspiration he gives the people? His looks? What? They are indeed blind worshipers who would react violently at the slightest pinch directed to their fabulous, fabulous icon.

    Seneca, I seriously do not know. It is the people I care about. NOW TO EVERY IDIOT WHO WOULD SAY I’M PLAYING THE INNOCENT UPON READING MY I-CARE-ABOUT-THE-PEOPLE STATEMENT: Do realize that I said care about, not care for. Caring for something is different from caring about something. I will not elaborate. You won’t understand anyway.

    So, back to the question. I really do not know. The concept of country is mere identification for me, to make distinction easier. “Oh, this is the Philippines so people are commonly icky brown, and they eat an awful lot of rice.” That kind of distinction. I do not care about the country on that specific level. This is just image, just a generalization made by a foreign entity. It’s the people that make a country. It is they who should care what I talk about, if they want to clean up the tainted image of their beloved country.

    Yre: I blame them all. Politicians and the media share a lot of characteristics. For starters, they both command the perceived needs of the people, which are very far from their actual needs. Then society is conditioned to believe that these are really what they need and ask for these things which politicians and the media provide more than willingly. It’s all dialectic and cyclic. The frightening thing is, with every cycle, the belief gets stronger and is ingrained deeper into the heads of the unwitting. But no harm is done, because the people do not realize this.

  60. We ARE a great people but thing is, we just keep saying we are a great people without really doing anything about it but namedrop and jump on the “hey-successful-guy-is-a-great-Pinoy-i-am-great-too” bandwagon. — i agree..and the perpetuators of such is the media tv stations..ugh! it’s so irritating to read narrow-minded comments in forums who defend senseless tv shows of these stations. (expect to be attacked if you give an objective and honest comment about the shows). To be honest, these tv stations think that the masses are really dumb, that’s why they feed them with programs that are really dumb as well, that do nothing but insult the intelligence of any decent college graduate filipino.

  61. finally, an objective blog! “Curiously, aren’t Filipinos always the ones who cry RACIAL DISCRIMINATION! everywhere they go?” — definitely!! proving that they are insecure, VERY.

  62. Filipinos I know are ‘Christians’ who go to church, and some catholic school, but they act stupidly, it’s like they have some kind of mental problem. O.O Insecure bastards ^_^

  63. Hi there friends!, find your filipino or filipina friends at and send them free sms

  64. He just trying to make more visitors to this crappy blog, Come on leave him(?) alone.

    Ops, i better block this site, to make sure. *Beep


  65. I bet you can’t sleep at night because you can’t stop thinking of us. :>

  66. Hi there PinoyStupid!

    I love your blog! It really takes guts to express his thoughts and stand up against the multitudes who will harass you just because you have your own opinions.

    I agree with you all the way.

    Filipinos act like everything is a HUGE contest. When they win they act all cocky but when they lose they feel like they’re oppressed or something.

  67. I really love reading your blog. Please keep posting.

  68. “Filipinos are Insecure Bastards From the Jungle”

    Ooh, I’m so insecure like I even wanna become an astronautical engineer. Tsk tsk tsk, my parents didn’t gave me much attention and as a result, I’m studying in a prestigious school right now..boohoohoo..I’m so insecure with myself.

    And oh! I do come from the jungle because, you know, I have ACCESS to internet, I have a lovely Vaio Laptop to type on, and I have a lovely broadband in here. Oh yes, this is how it is to live in the jungle, poorly accessed, isolated that I can even chat with my friends on the YM!

    Please, change your title, with all due respect.

  69. Glad I came across this blog. I live in Ireland and I find it hysterical that the Filipinos that live here (only with the last 8 years or so) think they are so IRISH. It especially puzzles me as to why they ALWAYS name their children such Irish names like Seamus and Niamh or even call their child Ireland or Irish. Are you people mad? It makes you look ridiculous. It makes ye look stupid…. your kids will be seen as Filipinos, even if they are born in Ireland. Why need keep your own traditions and names? I have to commend most of the other nationalities here, they still stay strong to who they are, in far as their names and ways but still blending in well. From what I hear, Filipinos always want to be ANYTHING but Filipino. They used to be American wannabees now they want to be Irish. What’s next? Get a life!

  70. OMG! I really agree with you!
    FILIPINOS are probably the most insecure people on earth.

    Look at their government and their people, words can’t even describe them.
    When I was in high school, all the Filipinos at my school were freaking wannabes and social climbers. They were mostly discriminated by Korean Americans and the Caucasians. In fact, they don’t got “the look” 😉 Only some (the one’s who are MIXED).

    Sigh, why can’t they face the truth? Get over it and get a life. They also use ‘Christianity’ as an excuse for being spiritual when in fact, they do go to Church, yet doesn’t apply it to their lives. Really shameful and embarrassing. If I was a Filipino, I’d rather die than live life!

    Btw, I love your blog, so gorgeous!

  71. such honest comments. as someone living in The Philippines i couldn’t agree more.
    whoever do not agree ( i mean non pinoys ), should come to Philippines and stay and see for yourselves …. you definitely will agree with things written here…

  72. obviously like your website however you need to test the spelling on quite a few of your posts. Several of them are rife with spelling issues and I to find it very bothersome to tell the truth on the other hand I’ll surely come back again.

  73. Hello There. I discovered your weblog the use of msn. This is an extremely neatly written article. I will be sure to bookmark it and come back to read more of your useful info. Thank you for the post. I will certainly return.

  74. Hello. I totally agree with you on this topic. Filipinos are VERY insecure.

    I’m a Filipina, and I absolutely hate this so-called ‘Pinoy Pride’. I glare at anyone who calls themselves or I ‘pinoy’.

    Filipinos are the kind of people to hate their race. I’m not one to love or hate my country, you know why? ‘Cause I have no fucking choice. I was born here! I’m a Filipino! You’re a Filipino! And you can’t fucking do anything about it!

    There’s just ONE thing I didn’t like about this and I’d like to give advice to you with. Don’t call your own people ‘bastards from the jungle’. Don’t insult them too much. They’re out there getting butthurt without actually READING the article. Just make your point simple and clear. They are damn right insulted. But if you use some words that fit their vocabulary, and stop calling them ‘monkeys’ and stuff, they is a chance that they’ll understand you.

  75. The blog does have a point. I’ve seen other Asians in everyday circumstances either as a tourist or worker abroad. We are nowhere close to their sense of pride in themselves. It’s as if after 333 years under Spain, 50 years or so under US, and some five years of violation by Japan we passed on insecurity from one generation to the next! I tend to believe that if the word “orphan” were to be applied in a collective sense such as a country, we would readily qualify…

    Yet I wouldn’t go so far as to agree that we are bastards and from the jungle. Just insecure. Seriously flawed. And having a hard time coping. That’s how we get flak from among ourselves and of course, the rest of the world. Bullies out there can smell our insecurity, and like Rotweillers they pounce on it. There must be a way to stop this malaise from spreading to the next generation. Pity the children.

  76. they are AIDS people… annoying, irritating, digusting , sascastic….

  77. hey Mr. Blogster, are you an indian? hahahaha

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    as you amend your web site, how could i subscribe for a blog web site?
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