Posted by: The Critic of Filipino Idiocy | 15 November 2006

Filipino pedestrians killed themselves PLUS Blog Traffic Love

Okay maybe not all Filipinos. People are gonna go ballistic again with all my generalizing cr*p. I’m not avoiding lawsuits. I’m avoiding idiots in aliases in my comment box as though trying to achieve some form of anonymity.


In English, that oh so eloquently translates to “NO PEDESTRIAN CROSSING. POTENTIALLY LETHAL.” Funny, I’ve never seen a No Jaywalking sign of the sort in any other country I’ve been to in my entire life. I’ll bet not even in my past life (wherein I was a filthy rich problogger advocating the interdict of the anti-Christ). I only see that completely harmless yet tremendously easily comprehensible No Jaywalking sign. Some had text, others had symbols. Pardon the text signs, for a significant chunk of the Filipino population cannot understand simple English words, let alone jaywalking.

So the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) had to resort to putting up signs in Tagalog to ensure full comprehension of the signs’ message. Not only that, they also had to put in a little bit of that scary don’t-do-it-unless-you-wanna-die-you-b*tch-LOL factor in them. This is what they came up with:

Crossing the street is potentially lethal in the Third World. Photo courtesy of Alterselves.

See, some Filipinos are very stubborn and hard-headed and are just plain asking for it. By it, I mean getting run over by a motorcycle first, a car second, and finally a 24-wheeler truck and getting pretty chopped up and skinned alive a bit in the process. And by a bit, I mean a lot. (I wonder why I have to use other words to kind of conceal part of my message and then explain the entire thing in the following sentence. This writing style is killing me. And I guess you, too.)

They have this very weird, totally confounding I-wanna-do-it-and-I-couldn’t-care-less-if-I-die-doing-it-you-sl*t kind of mentality and that baffles me to neverland.

How stubborn are they, really? Here are four of the things that they do.

1.) They stand right in front of that ridiculous, attention-seeking cross-here-and-you’re-dead-and-we’ll-bring-you-back-to-life-to-die-again sign, read it, and cross the street anyway.

2.) They look up, see the pedestrian overpass right above them, close their eyes to thank God for blessing them with a bit of shade while crossing the street of death, and still jaywalk anyway.

has_logo1.GIF3.) They reach the island (crossing halfway through), see the fence that the MMDA have put up to prevent jaywalkers from doing their thing, scratch their heads making their dandruff fall, see their shoulders covered in flakes, remember that creepy old Head & Shoulders TV commercial they saw the other day, take down that stupid pink fence that stands in their way, and continue jaywalking. Because. They. Rock. Like. That.

4.) They decide to use the pedestrian lane for once in their lives but cross the street while the light for vehicular traffic says GO. GREEN. RUN OVER ANYONE THAT STANDS IN YOUR WAY. KILL THEM AND FEEL NO REGRET OR GUILT.

I wish I were just kidding, writing this, making stuff up. But NO. They do ALL THESE THINGS. Why? I’m baffled to neverland. And now you are baffled to neverland as well.

Oh, BTW, thanks to everyone who has traded links with me. Cheers to Jeremy, Rob, Keysi, Tricia, Shari, Ade, Ms. Demmie, Benj, Brian, Ryan, and Drib. Level of gratitude to these ladies and chaps not shown in respective order. Major thanks, too, to Flatride for plugging the blog on his website.

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  1. It’s like a demolition derby except with cars against people, right??

  2. Exactly.

  3. lol…d*mn, count me out.

  4. I especially hate it when they stop at the corner when it’s red trying to decide whether to cross the street or not, then start crossing as the light turns green and they block your way causing you to stop or try to run them over, but because of the volume you can’t go and then the light changes and you try to get past the crossing but the police stops you because you ran a red light.

  5. I do believe Jose Rizal articulated in his two novels that major ill that to date afflict most Pinoys — immaturity.

    Check out these past two entries I had posted about our defiant local motorists and pedestrians, including those recalcitrant pedicab drivers:



  6. lol. i have to agree. have you seen the squashed pics of the idiots who got run over (makati – libis)? it’s like going to a meat shop. 😆

  7. I was once sent to the barangay hall because of jaywalking.. And I promised myself never to jaywalk again.
    hey, at least, I wasn’t punished by letting me sing the Nation Anthem, Lupang Hinirang…

  8. Haha. Some Filipinos will always be stubborn.

    What’s more stupid is, most of the jaywalkers I see are students!

    Tamad lang din talaga ang karamihan kaya iniiwasan ang pagkataas-taas na overpass. I’ve also observed that they’re more afraid of the police than death. Pag walang pulis, nag-jay-jaywalk.

  9. Finally, people are intelligent enough to agree with me. I’m not making this stuff up, right? I’m not judging either, right? No, I do a bit of judging. Warranted judging. IT BEATS THE CR*P OUT OF ME why some people get so terribly ticked off by my posts. They’re true. Why don’t they just admit to it instead of flaming in my comment box and wasting my precious non-free bandwidth?

    Thank you guys for visiting! See you again soon!

  10. Funny as it may seem, but for the life of me I can’t understand what is it with the lure of jaywalking.

    D*mn lazy pedestrian retards.

  11. tanga lang ang majority ng mga pinoy. tanga talaga


    Majority of the Filipinos are just plain stupid.  Really stupid.

  12. Mahilig kasi tayo sa shortcut eh, but I don’t think it beats the crossing warning at San Diego, it’s situated in the middle of the freeway (where cars go at least 80MPH) to warn those behind the wheels to be careful of crossing “family” here’s link (will tag work here? i’ll try anyways).

    ENGLISH TRANSLATION (for the first part):

    Filipinos are fond of shortcuts.

  13. Ok, that didn’t work, here’s the sign/link again.

  14. Shoot, man. How do you get so many comments?

    Hook me up!!!!

    See you on blogmad 🙂

  15. Pedestrian crossing lanes are stupid.

  16. lol We are not ticked off by your posts.
    We are ticked of by you…

  17. ade: The sheer convenience. Of course, running the risk of ending up severely butchered to an ugly, hardly laughable state goes with that sheer convenience. Worth it? Don’t think so.

    matalinong pinoy: And yet they always believe in democracy. Does anybody else see what’s wrong around here?

    Ahh Ahh: At least the motorists are warned. Not here. You get scared sh*tless when a pedestrian jumps in front of your car. You get that twice. a. day.

    Scott: Get some supporters and a million more haters. That’s how I get so many comments.

    Alan Tanga: You can’t be too lazy to spare your own life.  LOL.

    pinaystupid: Could you be any more original?

  18. Great blog! Thanks for the visit and comment at my place. I’d be happy to do a link exchange… I just added you to my blogroll. Thanks!

  19. I wonder why us FIlipinos are unable to follow simple rules.

    I mean “us” because I am also included.

  20. i also think it’s the governments fault, or whoever is in authority regarding road safety and stuff, coz have u ol tried using the overpass???it’s so scary… u have ol these beggars, “tambays” and other unearthly creatures hanging around the place.some even sell food up there.kadiri.its a whole diff world up there.makes u wonder, which is safer… using the overpass or risk crossing the nakakamatay road. hehe

    democracy, yes…and again Filipinos can’t handle democracy. coz again majority of the filipinos are just plain stupid, really stupid. . .

    man, kung di lang nakakamatay ang makasagasa. i’d run down ol those stupid pedestrians…ingat hehe i might do it one of these days

    …we have lovers and haters ol over the place,pero PINAYSTUPID, y dont u cross one of those Nakakamatay roads, and i’ll personally run u over…ur another stupid Filipino making stupid comments tsk tsk

  21. When I was back in the Philippines, driving to school, I’ll see the damn jaywalking idiots pedestrians.

    The solution?


    It works, trust me. It worked for me, at least. 😆

  22. […] Many Filipino pedestrians are suicidal. I guess we’ve established that, haven’t we? And sometimes, just sometimes, I want to be the one to fulfill their dreams of getting butchered and having their bits and pieces scattered on the highway. […]

  23. Whenever and wherever Im driving, I stop for pedestrians using the pedestrain lane. But, Im almost tempted to run-over those dumb, stupid pedestrians.GRRRRRRR!

  24. Pinoy stupid, I couldn’t agree more, you nailed it man!

  25. Your blog has been one of my favorites of all time. … Thanks for writing such a great blog. I always enjoyed reading it,

  26. I Hate Undisciplined Pinoy Motorcycle Drivers! Join Us!

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