Posted by: The Critic of Filipino Idiocy | 12 November 2006

British Accent is a non-entity

I’ve just added a couple of new pages (not posts) to the blog. The first one is a link exchange page where I wrote how we can help each other rule teh intarwebs by adding reciprocal links to our own blogs. It’s not as good as eXlinks (yeah, like anyone knows how good it is at this point) but it’s still a bit of that good ol’ networking. EDIT: Thanks to Jeff for reintroducing me to the concept of reciprocal linking. Apparently, it kind of works. The second page I recently added is a contact form if you want to get privy and you believe that the comments section is a tad too public and therefore, embarassing to use to tell me what you have in mind. You can’t be shy now, can you?

I’ve also been receiving mixed reactions regarding my previous podcast, but overall it’s good. Some people (including me) think the American accent made me sound like an animatedly hyperactive DJ (disc jockey) of sorts. Someone said he’d rather listen to my English accent as it was much more appealing.

Wrote on November 11, 2006 @ 1:47 pm · Edit
Personally, I prefer your English accent. Somehow, it’s a more appealing sound (and I’m an American).

See, and I knew that. Americans love the English accent (Proof? Ask Google). So, in the following podcasts, I won’t be putting on an American accent anymore. I don’t think I care about what haters are saying, after all.

Also, I updated the way things happen when readers click on any of the outbound links on this blog. Apparently, some people are annoyed when their browsers start acting up because of the new windows that open up when they click the links. So now they open in the same window. And if you use Firefox or Internet Explorer 7 you get to choose whether to open it in another tab, in another window, or in the same window. Now, enough of this browser crap. You’re getting bored. I know I am.

Anyway, a Filipino idiot girl from the Ateneo de Manila University has asked her readers (if there are any) to campaign against me and my blog. She posted this on her blog (Blogspot hosted, such a pity):

Please visit this condescending prick’s site and go kill him for me:

It’s the most pathetic thing I have ever seen, and not just on the internet. First, she is under the illusion that she has enough traffic to start an online demonstration in front me (which she doesn’t). Second, she assumes that she fully understands what this blog is supposed to be about (which she doesn’t). If I were a college student and I were that dumb, I’d probably kill myself. I’d be a waste of oxygen.

I will come up with a video post soon. I just need to get my camcorder fixed and then all that Pinoy Stupid video loving can start.

[start victory speech]
Oh, and thanks to the 202 readers who have added Pinoy Stupid to their bookmarks. It’s really really flattering. I never expected that many people to favorite my blog. So now I guess I should expect more. Spread the Pinoy Stupid love! Thank you, Neil Simon. Thank you for the words.
[end victory speech]


  1. As I write this comment, the link to my earlier comment doesn’t seem to work.

  2. I know! I didn’t notice that. Thanks for pointing it out. Lemme fix it.

    EDIT: Now I know I can’t link to my comments.  I have no idea why.

  3. Reciprocal Linking!

    Such a great idea.. wish I had thought of it.

  4. I am neither British nor American but in my country, we are greatly influenced by the American accent due to the skyrocketing ratio of American movies / films / series here. On the other hand, our education system accords to Britain’s (spelling, pronounciation, etc.). Weird huh?

  5. *doink*

  6. Amie, yeah it’s weird alright. 🙂 The Philippines is heavily Americanized, too. That’s why my accent caught a lot of attention. They expect everyone here to speak in a normal, albeit boring, American accent. Thanks for visiting!

    Damn it, keysi! You’re stealing my thunder! LOL.

  7. Thanks for the visit and comment..

    Just keep doing what you do ( regarding your blog), don’t allow others negative actions stop you ..


  8. Ooh, seems like you’ve earned yourself good friends again. 😀 Reciprocal linking (link exchange, I suppose?) sure boosts up a web site’s popularity. I used to do it, but eventually got tired of it.

    Not targeting your outgoing links to blank pages also makes your site loads faster. Clean coding is love 😀

  9. I found your blog via Guia Franco’s. 🙂

    Don’t shoot me! I know better than to bash you. I know how enjoyable it is to be bashed! I love getting hatemail, too. The adrenaline rush that I get when composing rebuttals to grammatically incorrect and pathetic blog comments/hatemail would probably be the best natural high for me.


    Your blog entries sound so much like my old rantings against everything evil in the Philippines. 🙂

    The thing is, now that I’ve moved out of the country, I realized that I find it quite pointless [sometimes] to criticise good ol’ ‘Pinas. I mean, it does more harm than good. When you’re in redneck, KKK, & Confederate-infested deep South (like where I am at), you have to work hard to be smarter and better than everyone else, because if you act/dress/speak like an idiot, they’ll treat you the most natural way: like an idiot. No point in bashing your own species anymore. 😦

    It’s a great way to earn fame through negativity in blog entries, though. Heated blog entries are so much fun than regular, ho-hum, haircut blogs… and I have to compliment you on your enjoyable blog. =p Keep it up! Filipinos need to criticise themselves, I agree. But I have to say that it adds up to the negative press, though. I mean, who would want to be called stupid?

    Anyway, that’s just me, though.

    And as for the cheese: Nice blog. Keep it up! 😉

  10. Hi!!! Nice blog you have here! 😀 Thanks for the comment. Have a nice day!

  11. New friends for Pinoy Stupid yay! Bring out the knives, torches and pitchforks! We attack at the break of dawn!

  12. ade: Oh yeah, baby! Bring on the trolls and the orcses and all them Mordor homies! I’m really enjoying the hate mail and the stupid semi-anonymous comments. It kind of annoys me though, how stupid these orcses are. Oh well, I guess that’s why they’re called exactly that.

    Shari: Link exchange is fun! Hahaha. It’s an indispensable little gem in the world of SEO cr*p.

    Peety: Thanks. I am truly encouraged.

    Darvit: I never believed in bad publicity is still publicity. In fact, this blog is not published to demoralize Filipinos all over the world. This is just a collection of observations on how I find some aspects of “our” culture strikingly peculiar.

    Thank you all for visiting and telling me what you have in mind.

  13. ohh! its Hilarious and i enjoyed this one little bit lol

  14. I’m a pinoy here in the US and I remember our company was assigned to do a tele-marketing campaign in London. I would call and talk to hundred of brits, and believe me I had more time mis-understanding them than my mother. Though one thing I liked about the British was they sound very professional and well mannered over the phone, unlike the Americans, they can get very rude specially the New Yorkers ofcourse. I like it when britiish people say “Superb”.

  15. Ashraf: Thank you. I wish more people would enjoy the blog instead of getting cardiac arrests here and there.

    eddieboy: Neutral English accent is the sophisticated way of speaking English.

  16. Why can’t you just talk clearly? Why put on a fake accent that isn’t even yours? This blog is pointless. I don’t even know why I’m still here. BYE!

  17. one think who is shure it’s the pinoys are the most stupid people of the world,the most ignorant,and the top on crabe mentality and desonesty,no ethic at all,no civique,nothing,for the one who never visited this country of horrible idiots 2 solutions or you come to discover the shittiest people of the world or you want to have nice hollidays and you go to thailand,bali ,maldives,or anywhere ,in philippines they have no culture,but no culture at all,their food is simply disgusting,oily,smelling bad,they hare obsess to shit you everidays of your time here,they are pretentious(of what???)thats the best question,everywhere you can see proudly filipino made,be proud to be filipino….but proud of what???normally you have to be ashamed,you produce only shit product,you are the most corrupted people of the world,the most nuisible for the environement,no architecture,their movies are the most stupid never made,their tv is umbelivably idiot(like them)the man are macho,stupid and alcolic,manila their capital(they are proud of this trash)is surely the worst place in the world,ok for all the people with brain,one good advise dont come to this shit country,exept if you are maso

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