Posted by: The Critic of Filipino Idiocy | 7 November 2006

I don’t hate all Filipinos.

And that’s not a secret at all. Besides, I don’t hate some of them just because they’re Filipinos. It’s more of what comes with their passport color and with their exposure to such a peculiar and fundamentally wrong culture (blame the Westerners and the Japs, I don’t care), more than anything else, that I hate about them. But I’ve earlier made my statement. I don’t hate all Filipinos. In fact, I love some of them. Gary Tarugo told us about this one Filipino girl in the US (maybe that last bit tells you and me something about why I don’t hate her) and I instantly fell in love with her. Maybe you should, too. She called it Love At First Sight. I wanna call it that as well. Now, to understand what I’m talking about, see this:

You’re loving her, aren’t you? Well, whatever you do, don’t go looking for her on or whatever online personals website. I’ve already tried. You won’t find her.


  1. That guy wasn’t her dad – way too young!!! He did make me laugh though

  2. I believe she is also playing her dad. It’s part of her versatility.

  3. She is hillarious!

  4. Told you so. Haha. You should see all her videos. They’re all equally as funny.

  5. I always go to her blog to have my fix of happy slip!

  6. – corny
    – trying hard
    – dracula’s mistress?

    Don’t bother to flame, i’m not coming back here dilberts..

  7. i really hate this words “pinoy tayo kaya natin yan” something like that. some of the filipinos are annoying and so is the other race in the world!

  8. To caucasian:
    Why? You think we can’t? Of course we can!

  9. Hi there friends!, find your filipino or filipina friends at and send them free sms

  10. filipinos are heroes!

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