Posted by: The Critic of Filipino Idiocy | 27 October 2006

They hate my English accent.


Two short podcasts in and I’m already starting to get a ton of hate mail. Not that it bothers me. In fact, I’ve gotten so used to receiving them, dozens a day when I’m lucky, in the other blogs that I authored in the past, that I actually enjoy them now. I don’t get off by annoying people and provoking them to send me hate mail and leave positively barbaric comments, though. It’s not my life and I’m not about to start making it so. It’s just one of the finer things in life that I enjoy. These writers and commenters are so stupid that my already higher-than-usual sense of self-worth is escalated even further. For that, I guess I’m gonna have to thank my most persistent rude commenter, STFU.

And yeah, these people hate me for one thing. My English accent. I have no idea why they are under the impression that my accent can lead to nose-and-ear-bleeds and eventually a significant amount of splattering of grey matter. I beginning to suspect the involvement of a third-world-wasteland-edition green monster in these occurrences. They’re probably just jealous, yeah, finally realizing that they will never be able to pick up an English accent properly. That may be one of the reasons. But I guess we can point the finger, almost entirely, to their being Pinoy (Filipinos). Yep, the hate messages and uncivilized comments regarding my English accent, all of them, came from barbarians Pinoys.

See, most Pinoys have this peculiar habit of making fun of (READ: getting scandalized by) things that are different. Not normal, according to their standards. They are, quite fascinatingly, led to believe that different equals disgusting. Apparently, they have been so used to hearing the American accent that they’ve made it like a standard of sorts. You don’t speak it and you’re weird. And you should get hate mail from unworthy bastards.

It’s the fear of change and deviance that cripples the Filipino society. Instead of investigating things that they consider as different and finding out if they’re worth giving a try, they chicken out. They’d rather be stupid than leave their own comfort zones. It’s pathetic. They hear my English accent, think it’s weird, and hate me for being different. Heck, even native English speakers don’t think that I am bastardizing their language nor their accent. I’m not surprised at all that these people have been in such a mess for so long and yet they don’t even know it. They won’t even notice it even if it hits them right between the balls.


  1. Are you sure it’s not the accent and more the fact you played a Paris Hilton song?

    Seriously what’s up with someone for taking a dislike to someone because of their accent – diversity I say!

  2. I agree on what you said 100 percent. Sometimes I would say crab mentality at its finest. Forget those bastards and try more ways to make them extremely jealous!

  3. Lee, I’m quite positive here that it’s the accent and it’s not Paris Hilton. While the song was there to annoy people, they seem to not have noticed it and focused much of their energy into bashing my accent.

    charles, thanks for agreeing. I know a billion others share our sentiment.

  4. I have several freinds in the UK, though I am from across the pond. I love listening to my friends Brit accent. Some people just will find anything to complain about.

  5. Doesn’t make a bit of sense to me.. My guess is you’ve been attacked by xenophobic idiots.

  6. Love the British accent. Makes me feel like listening to Simon Cowell sans the degrading insults. Worry not about those who envy you, mate! Keep rocking~

  7. Hi there friends!, find your filipino or filipina friends at and send them free sms

  8. Gago Ka! Tang ina mo mamatay ka na dapat!

  9. Gago ka rin..

  10. screw all of you. I hate yo accent. go to an english pronunciation class. fuckers!! u fuckers and fuckin indians cant even talk properly and fuckin keep spreading across the world. i have no idea who the fuck gives you visa. fuck all of you

    • Well said.

  11. well I’m sorry.. I’m having a bad day. I have no right to say such thing. may be im having a nervous break down. all humans should be treated as equals. one love yo. again im really sorry. i will try to listen more carefully and understand your acccent 🙂

  12. The thing is, its the Filipino English accent that is the weird one. Filipino English puts the emphAsis on the wrong syllAble as Mike Meyers would say. Its not in line with majority US/UK/Canadian/Australian English. US and UK English sounds different, but the syllable emphasis is generally consistent. In contrast, Filipino English is sometimes incomprehensible.

    C’est la vie.

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