Posted by: The Critic of Filipino Idiocy | 23 October 2006

You can’t just live with it, can you?

microphone-thumb.JPGTHIS BLOG IS STUPID. THERE IS NO ACTUAL CONTENT. That was what Janet said. And that she was waiting for it (content) to arrive. Yep, she said that. You can check the tagboard down there. Now here it is. Just what you’re looking for. Thanks, Janet. Thanks for the wake up call. I must have been sleeping. Or not. In my defense, I was out all week, shopping for the perfect microphone stand!


Alright, moving on, I was bloghopping one day this past week and I came across BA’s blog. BA is presumably a Filipino, too (basing on his frequent use of the native language in his posts).

In one post, he wrote about how undisciplined Filipinos naturally are, encountering them on the MRT (it’s pretty much like a subway, only it doesn’t go underground. It runs high up in the sky. And it’s not pretty). He said:

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Pardon the use of a different language. But basically, with his long Tagalog sentences, he meant Filipinos are a bunch of undisciplined bastards. “Bastards” comes from me. And what do we have in the comments section? Let’s have a look-see:

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It’s in Tagalog again. The comment translates to this: Relax. That’s how life is in the Philippines. There’s nothing we can do but be like them. (Referring to the undisciplined bastards) Then he/she used an awful lot of annoying smileys.

Did you spot anything wrong or stupid with the comment? No? I did.

From the five sentences and two smileys that were written, I deduced that this Jo person is a complete idiot. An in-the-flesh example of all my abhorrence of the undisciplined Filipino population. There goes BA, complaining about how dreadful Filipinos act in public just to get a comfortable seat on the train (or a comfortable rail on which to hold if they’re lucky enough to chance upon a hammered driver), and here comes Jo, swooping in with her stupid comment, suggesting that we just act like these baboons. What does that say about her, her IQ, and her understanding of how things should be? I don’t know what, exactly, but I’m guessing it’s not something good.

What I’m trying to say is, and I don’t mean to sound like a whining communist, that we can’t progress with such an attitude. When you see something that’s definitely off, you don’t go imitating it. Naturally, you try to change it as much as you can so it ends up to be what you believe it should be. There’s nothing we can do about it? Please. There are a lot of things that can be done to address this. And JOINING THEIR RANKS in the idiocy platoon is not one of the options. I wouldn’t have reacted this violently had he/she not suggested that we act like them.

A lot of people whine about how they can’t get a job, how they’re so poor, and how the Philippine economy is all wrong, BUT I’m guessing they might share the exact same sentiment that this Jo person has publicized through his/her little comment. If that’s the case, then, really, we can’t expect much. We can’t progress with morons who think like this. We are a democracy. The people run the country. The people are idiots. The democracy will fail. The country is doomed.

On a non-ballistic note, I just bought a mike stand and I will be ready with the very first true episode of the Pinoy Stupid Audio Podcast. Boy, is this going to be fun. And professional-sounding.

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  1. Hehe … sometimes blogs with no content are fun to read. I run a humor blog, and have been accused of it having no content or stupid, even though we post mostly original content (see it at I’d argue that some of the biggest sites in the world have no content either … look at google!

  2. Some people are followers instead of leaders. Joining the crowd. Scared to buck the system.

    Jo has no balls…female or male otherwise.

    “Ball-less Jo”. You know, maybe guts is a better term?

  3. I know. I think Jo’s a girl. Not being sexist or anything. Jo just sounded like one. Plus Jo is a much more common name for a girl. Thanks for visiting folks!

  4. Hold your horses! Jo said, “kung hindi, maging HINDI katulad nila.”

    You missed out on the second hindi (which means, no or not.)

    So, translating again, what she actually said was, “There’s nothing we can do but be NOT like them.”



    Anyways, I didn’t say “bastards,” but that fits their description very well. :p I almost missed my station!

  5. For no content there’s quite a bit to read! Thanks for your visit to my blog.
    Best wishes, Mike

  6. I know that it is hard living in the Philippines the way it is. Yet people strive there everyday to cope with what they have and live with it as others may try. Yet living with it is not enough. I guess for some people whose apathy is up to their neck that it’s drowning them; they don’t realize that they could make a change by starting with themselves. Yes we have to live with it but NO we don’t have to deal with it by accepting what is wrong and NOT doing anything about it. I totally agree with the Critic on this matter of changing things when it’s obviously wrong.
    Stop the apathy and social unconsciousness by not being lazy and just accepting what’s blatantly wrong. Let’s have a sense of personal accountability!!!

  7. Thank you for visiting my site… unfortunately I have nothing to add on this subject other than: it really is horrible when people are so conditioned to think that they it is alright to be living in a way is bad and/or can be improved. My feeling is that in such cases, people are either too dumb, naive or selfish to realize it, or they’ve not yet garnered the courage to stand up and do something about it.

  8. Howdy, didn’t really read through all the Filipino stuff, my Filipino isn’t what it used to be. Hmm, but your blog looks great. Good luck with it all.

  9. hey pinoy stupid. don’t judge people base on their comments. at bago ka magsalita basahin mo muna ng mabuti yung kinokomentan mo. i think it was unnecessary for you to do that blogging. mind your own business damn it. opinion nung tao yun. you have no right to embarass people like that. maybe you’re free to say those things, yeah, but you should have at least been respectful to the person. hindi yung sisiraan mo siya ng ganun. di mo nga kilala yung tao eh. you should be careful next time. these are the kind of things that get bloggers in trouble.

  10. My comment was erased because my point was proven so eloquently. Chicken! Just sod off and shut this blog down. Kthnxbye.

    P.S. You’re an idiot.

  11. You have your opinion and I have mine. Unfortunately for you though, mine is more valuable.

    ish, would you mind your own business now?

    Please stop posting comments in your own monkey language. It’s disgusting.

  12. Please stop speaking like you’re some kind of bloke. It’s ear-bleeding and is beyond disgusting.

  13. If it bothers you that much then leave. Your presence is neither requested nor welcome.

  14. Ok i will leave a comment cause i sure as hell don’t wanna go to hell. 🙂 Nice blog, keep up the good work. And i don’t mind ur accent at all!

  15. well your accent is quite fine and love the song!

  16. pinoy stupid,

    what kind of a nut are you! well, it doesn’t matter, you provide with a lot of comedy. i think blogging is stupid myself, but it’s good entertainment. please keep provoking the filipino populace, it’s just a barrel of laughs.

  17. Thanks for the support, betol!

  18. i’m out of words. you rock

  19. common sense is not so common, by the way, there’s no such as common sense.

  20. Such a misnomer, isn’t it?  What do you know, common sense is now a considerable PRIVILEGE.  Pity.

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  22. Thank you, Neo! 🙂

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    Good site ! 😉

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