Posted by: The Critic of Filipino Idiocy | 17 October 2006

Test Podcast.

microphone-thumb.JPGHere it is. A fresh serving of The Critic. Listen to it. It’s not worth anything but still, listen to it. Just click the bloody thing. Right there. You can also subscribe to the podcast and download the episodes in MP3 format using iTunes or any other podcast software by clicking here.

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  1. i thought it was real… just for a fraction of a second..

    i love the euphemism of the bisakol briton accent..

    see you on BBC!

  2. the audio quality is okay. the song was much clearer though. thank you for the plug! looking forward to more broadcasts

  3. hayup!
    more entries please!

  4. Bikoy, the plug’s no biggie. Hmm, will try to find another microphone, I think the bluetooth headset is only good enough for calls. There’s a good mike here, I’m just gonna have to look for a mike stand.

    Hey RV. 🙂

  5. nilagnat ako sa accent. i’ll tell my profs about this para naman magkaroon sila ng dibersyon maliban sa pang-chachaka sa mga papers ko, and hopefully this would change their outlook towards life, gayundin sa grades na ibibigay nila sakin. heheheheehe

  6. I discovered you when you left a comment on my blog. No complaints about the audio quality; I could understand you easily.

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